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School Policies


At Kaizen we pride ourselves on providing an outstanding service to our children and families.  We publish our policies which are required by law but also help you to get the most out of our school.

All policies are available in print format from the front office.

Kaizen Safeguarding Policy

Kaizen takes safeguarding seriously, the policies we follow are outlined in our Safeguarding Policy and are updated frequently.  The latest policy is available here.


Kaizen Attendance and Punctuality Policy

Attending school is important for us at Kaizen

The latest policy for attendance can be found here.

Kaizen Behaviour Policy

We have outlined our rules and agreements to encourage amazing behaviour which makes learning more enjoyable for everyone.

You can view the policy from here

Kaizen Charging Policy

This policy outlines where fees are applied with regards to educational visits, damage to school property, breakfast and afterschool clubs.

The policy can be viewed from here

Kaizen Inclusion Policy

Kaizen Primary School aims to enable all children the opportunity to achieve their best, this policy outlines how we'll make that happen

You can view the policy from here

Kaizen Health and Safety Policy

This policy outlines Health and Safety policies for Kaizen Primary School.  It covers systems and procedures in place.

The policy can be viewed from here

Kaizen Complaint Policy

We have outlined the five stages to our complaints procedure,

You can view the policy from here

The Complaints form can be found here

Scheme of Delegation

Can be viewed here

EKO Pay Policy and Equalities Information

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