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The Curriculum

We pride ourselves at Kaizen in ensuring all our children are prepared and ready for each stage of their learning and development, whether it’s moving from Nursery to Reception, KS1 to KS2 or KS2 to Secondary School. Our curriculum offer ensures children get high quality provision that is cross curricular, experiential and skills based. We have outstanding outcomes for English and maths and have particular specialisms in PE, French, Computing and PHSE. We pride ourselves with having outstanding teaching and learning of reading, which is core to all of our wider curricular learning. All our children experience at least 6 Educational Visits per year, which link into their wider projects back at school. These visits range from going to the Theatre, sightseeing in London and museum visits, to local area walks and excursions. We work closely with the Big Foot Theatre Company that offer cross curricular learning through drama and role play. We also work with a Music specialist that teaches high quality singing, as well as Newham’s Every Child a Musician project. Our children in Years 5 & 6 attend 2 week courses of swimming at the Aquatic Centre on the Olympic Park, which is again of high quality. We identify children quickly throughout the year who need additional support and are able to offer small group sessions to ensure their individual needs are being met. This year we are working on continuing to develop our ambitious curriculum through Educational Visits, cross curricular links and teaching key subject skills. Our focus is ensuring we have good and outstanding teaching and learning for all our curriculum areas. We are driven to ensure we work hard to continue to develop our engaging and exciting curriculum this year.

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