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Suitable home learning sites for your children


Websites to encourage home learning

To help with your childrens reading - we have enrolled your children into the Lexia programme

The Kaizen specific link can be found here

Children will need to use their username and password provided.

More home learning ideas

  • Read a range of story books at home using the four reciprocal reading skills – predicting, clarifying, questioning and summarising
  • Practise writing numbers from 0-120 in numbers and words
  • Practise counting up to 120 forwards and backwards
  • Write your 2,3,4,5 and 10 times tables – Can you recite the numbers in the correct order? Can you say your times tables aloud?
  • Look for different 2D and 3D shapes around your home
  • Add objects together practically then write your numbers sentences using the correct symbols. How many ones and tens are in your answer?
  • Write a diary entry about your day at school
  • Practise writing your weekly spelling words at home using read, write and cover
  • Use your spelling words to create your own sentences – Can you include commands, exclamations, statements and questions?
  • Gather and collect information to create a fact poster about your current topic
  • Practise forming letters and numbers correctly at an appropriate size

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