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Suitable Home Learning website links

Please note:  Whilst every effort has been made to evaluate these sites for content, Kaizen Primary School is not responsible for the content of external internet sites. 


To help with your child's reading - we have enrolled your child into the Lexia programme.

Children will need to use their username and password provided.

The Kaizen specific link can be found here.


Maths at home is a guide for parents to help you understand how your children are being taught maths in the classroom. 

Support for busy parents
MathsisFun - Long division
MathisFun - Long multiplication
MathsisFun - BODMAS
Multiplication - Marlon's Magical Maths Mission



Switched on Kids - electricity
How do you draw electrical symbols and diagrams?

Recap of our last topic:
Short video about Charles Darwin - Darwin - The Evolution of Life Animation

English - Grammar

grammar-explained image

Short videos to explain what terms mean and how they can be applied to everyday situations.

LGFL Grammar videos for Year 6

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