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2019 Eko Trust Staff Development Day
The professional learning that the team engage with at Kaizen is central to children achieving highly. The following section is a brief description as to how this works.

What is professional learning?

Great learning activities that impact children’s learning and change our practice, thinking, understanding; exciting, inspiring and motivating us as a learning community. It is an event that is part of a cycle that is well planned for impact on children’s learning and evaluated through the School Improvement Plan (SIP) / Professional Improvement Plan (PIP) process.

Roles and responsibilities

Every member of our learning community has personal responsibility to actively seek learning opportunities which will impact children’s learning. This is facilitated, challenged and supported by the Senior Leadership team. Every member of staff will fully engage in a wide variety of professional learning activities and will be able to evidence the impact of these during the final PIP meeting of the year.

Professional development dialogue

Central to our learning framework is every member of staff’s Professional Improvement Plan (PIP), directly resulting from the school’s current SIP. The plan focuses on how adults maximise their impact on children’s learning, through personal target setting, reflective professional dialogue, observation and review with a PIP leader throughout the year.

(Adapted from GTC Teachers Professional Learning Framework) Entitlement for all staff to develop their learning leadership skills: Staff have the opportunity to:

  • have time to engage in sustained reflection and structured learning
  • create learning opportunities from everyday practice such as planning and assessing for learning
  • develop their ability to identify their own learning and development needs and those of others
  • develop a professional improvement plan
  • have school-based learning, as well as relevant programme participation, recognised for accreditation
  • develop self-evaluation, observation and peer review skills
  • develop coaching skills and their ability to offer professional dialogue and feedback
  • plan their longer term career aspirations.


If you’d like to find out more than click here to read our Professional Learning Framework

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